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Layla Tabatabaie, Esq. is a New York attorney, author, and digital marketer.  Having done over six years of branding, fundraising, digital marketing, PR, and copywriting for VC-backed web apps, mobile apps, blockchain companies, and chatbots— such as BarterSugar, TaleMonster, The Drinking Press podcast, and LawNow—she is always seeking the next challenge and opportunity. Her marketing and outreach experience includes successfully marketing a chatbot game that has been played over 162 thousand times worldwide in one month with $0 spent. With still $0 spent, in just over 4 months, that chatbot game would be played in over 69 countries and 201 cities across the globe. In 9 months, that chatbot game would clock over 1.4 million interactions by players. Layla is the author of the law chapter in the academic text Learning in Virtual Worlds (2016).  Prior to entering the startup ecosystem, Layla was a key legal research assistant for the legal treatise Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, and Artists. She lives in her favorite metropolis, New York City.


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Grassroots marketing for boot-strapped startups

Twitter marketing

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Product management

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Proposal writing

Chatbot strategy

Cryptocurrency and blockchain strategy

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"With Layla Tabatabaie at the helm and a great team built around her, she is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she among the smartest, most determined founders out there, but also she's got a great vision and the resourcefulness to bring projects to life!"
- Justin Murray, RealLife English
"Layla is one of the first people I go to for Startup Advice. She is a master networker, knows how to get stuff done, and is incredibly informed. She always seems to know the right tool to use, the right article to read, or the right person to contact. Layla is a great person to work with, and I highly recommend her and her business."  
- Ethan Zinho, RealLife English


L AWNOW, Founder - 2017  LawNOW is a youtube channel that answers your legal questions. One legal issue is covered each episode with real-world examples.

LAWNOW, Founder - 2017

LawNOW is a youtube channel that answers your legal questions. One legal issue is covered each episode with real-world examples.

BARTERSUGAR, Founder & CEO - 2012-2017

BarterSugar is an online marketplace where startups connect, offline and online, around the world to barter and trade services, space, and products to get what they need instead of spending money.


TALEMONSTER, Co-Founder - 2016-2017

We are creating a place that
redefines storytelling on mobile.


THE DRINKING PRESS, Co-Founder & Producer - 2015-2016

The Drinking Press was a New York City podcast serving the best in culture and history with a spotlight on a different drink in each episode.




Learning in Virtual Worlds: Research and Applications (2016), Contributor. 

UBC Press 


Author of Chapter 13: Introduction to Laws Relevant to Virtual Worlds in Higher Education - Layla F. Tabatabaie



The Essentials for Understanding Self-Driving Cars (2016), Author.

BarterSugar blog


Original article.  



The Basic Guide to Navigating Legal Issues for the Movie-Turned-Video Game (2011), AUTHOR.

NYSBA blog

Original article. 






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Cartoon Appearance

Online, Cointelegraph article

For Wachsman, the largest blockchain media firm in the world, I routinely pitch reporters stories about clients in my portfolio. After a few months, it seemed like I made it in cartoon form for a story I wrote, pitched, and corresponded with the reporter for (not officially confirmed). I enjoyed the notion so much, I’m including it here as a digital appearance.



Harvard ignite social innovation

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Panel speaker for social innovation and law as applied to blockchain and cryptocurrency panel at Harvard University.

Layla Tabatabaie - Block9 Conference

Block9 blockchain conference

Richmond, Virginia

Panel speaker for securities law as applied to blockchain and cryptocurrency panel lasting 1.5 hours.

Toronto Take Over conference 2018 2018-06-03 at 9.25.22 AM.png

take over innovation conference

Toronto, Canada

 Moderator for the blockchain panel discussing active use cases and the future of blockchain. 


SXSW 2018 - Crypto conference

Austin, Texas

Panel participant for the Law and Politics in Blockchain panel at SXSW 2018 in Austin, Texas. 



1 FordhamHumanitarianBlockchainSummitPartII-Nov2017.jpg
Moderator for Brooklyn Ground Support

fordham humanitarian blockchain summit nov. 2017

Manhattan, New York

Panel One: Panel participant for how CanYa (Advisor) can help the unbanked economy.

Panel Two: Moderator for smart contracts and oracles in blockchain. 



Brooklyn, New York

Introduced speakers and served as moderator and facilitator for an activist workshop on how to bridge the divide between left and right voters. 




Universidad del desarrollo lecture

Santiago, Chile

Presented a lecture and conducted Q&A for the Entrepreneur class at Unversidad Del Desarrollo.




LEAN METHODOLOGY - Housenovo bartersugar presentation

Vina Del Mar, Chile

Presented BarterSugar in English and Spanish to a HouseNovo startup event highlighting new startups in Chile.



Global entrepeneurs teach hands-on skills for startups

Valpalariso, Chile

Taught a hands-on workshop with four other startups to the public in Valpalariso at CENTEX  in partnership with the government agency, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes. 




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Presidential drinking episode - discusses American presidents and their drinking habits, including historic 2016 candidate, Hillary Clinton.

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The Drinking Press podcast produced by Layla Tabatabaie

by Layla Tabatabaie, producer

Brunch episode from The Drinking Press podcast produced by Layla Tabatabaie.


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